Hello, my name is Festus Bikeowei Lukoh.
As an experienced Aviation Security personnel of a decade and half, am vast is airport / air transport. I have been privileged to have trained locally and by the US State Department on Counterterrorism there the safety and protection of both you / personnel and your clients is handled with utmost discretion and professionalism. Your expatriates need not to worry concerning their stay and other related matters while in your employment.

I have also been privileged to undergo trainings by Shell and Landover in Lagos; in the area of land transportation. Journey management is a critical component when moving personnel and materials/equipment from one location to another. The integrity of such sensitive assignment can be jeopardized when accountability in terms of proper articulated procedures are not adhered to strictly in a confidential and professional manner. Handling a VIP and or dangerous goods ( chemicals, explosives all useful in the Oil and Gas industry is essential to avoid mishaps and other high incidents that might embarrass your client. Part of my training and experience is to circumvent such.

Century Energy Services Limited. Afren, Amni, Ivorene Oil and NPDC are just a few of the big names in the Oil servicing aspect of the Oil and Gas industry that I have handled. Century Energy Services Limited and BAB ( from Malaysia ) had a joint offshore operations both in the Okoro field in Akwa Ibom with personnel crewing on fortnightly rotation from helicopter bases of both the NAF Base in Port Harcourt Rivers State of Nigeria and via the Osubi Airport in Warri Delta State of Nigeria.

Crew change operations and manning of vessels / facilities onshore and offshore are activities within my scope of expertise and for which am a proud trainer.

Your business is my business; it is so because my business is ensuring all you do routinely as daily activity involves my kind of business. Your activities may include going to and from destination (s), meaning transportation / logistics of both human ( personnel ) and materials. Such movements may entail provision of means of transportation. On land, sea and by air. It is my business because I ensure you are accommodated in a comfortable hotel where and when necessary. Your business is mine when you or your client (s), requires to be attended to as “kings & queens” by well trained handlers at both ends. We render Meet & Greet while you are in transit, either departing or arriving. We facilitate a smooth and stress free experience for your trips.

Just in case you are getting provisions, raw food items ( perishables ), refreshments such as water, drinks, fuel & diesel. Car hire services also within my responsibilities. Cars chauffeured by personnel trained on defensive driving, being well mannered and enlightened with vast knowledge of the Niger Delta Region. I take your business as mine also in the area of manpower development both in marine and other industries. I have an existing partnership arrangements with Manpower Consultants in other related services even in HR.

Without being too modest I must state here that I trained most of the present Protocols / Logistics personnel of Century Energy Services Limited. I have certification in first, fire warden, and logistics. I studied Sociology at the University of Port Harcourt and happily married with three children.


We have the highest clients relationship you could think of...

We can get you and your client ( s ) checked – into any hotel of choice anywhere in the country.